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Article from Chicago Builder/Architect Magazine

Article from Building America's Dream

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Taken from Chicago Builder/Architect Magazine
June 2000

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Anyone who's ever bought or built a home knows that selecting the "standards" and "extras" can seem like half the process. Picking standards and their upgrades is time consuming; not to mention, often confusing, inconvenient and aggravating. Builders and buyers both spend hours with salespeople, vendors, decorators and visit models, suppliers and showrooms or clip magazines, catalogues and now even Websites, trying to piece together the look and information for what they want in a new home. Compounding all the product choices are the many people involved, directly or behind the scenes. The builder and buyer are surrounded by architects, designers, vendors, manufacturers, family and friends (to name a few). Time is often spent "hand-holding" as opposed to communicating exact product orders, with the needed detail, right down to the order, color and style number and install factors. Never so obvious have ways of working this out been found, until now.

HomeBuilderShowroom.com is being created as a new vehicle to help builders and their buyers select "Standards and Extras Onlinesm". Now, in addition to builder/buyer face-to-face meetings, both will have a way to communicate, navigate and facilitate product selections and questions at their own pace and schedule, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This innovative system offers the builder the opportunity to increase sales, especially in upgrades, which is often the highest margin but most costly of the builder's products, while saving time and enhancing customer service.

For the homebuyers, the system streamlines the selection process through ease of use. The "invisible hand" of the systems built in sales guides help buyers through choices and suggestions. There are many value-added features and insights for buyers who often want a quick education or assurances along with each new home product selection.

So, how does it work? The new system is not as simple as a Web page or even a shopping cart, but is known as an "Application Service Provider" or "ASP". As a custom "service provider" each online version is designed to look and feel like that builder's own sales showroom. Thus, only that builder's standards or extras "showroom" or "selection book" are seen and accessed through that builder's website which can now be "Powered By HomeBuilderShowroom.com" The system will grow, update and develop to meet changes in products and technology. The best practices and experiences of builders will be synthesized into future refinement. No one builder can design and support such an investment but all can benefit and share by using the power of the Internet.

HomeBuilderShowroom.com creates a "nexus" that brings together all the products and people in the process. The objectives are to increase sales, create efficiency, lower costs and add valuable services for all involved while keeping the builder-buyer relationship in focus.

HomeBuilderShowroom.com is built with a strong backbone for a national rollout and strong builder and customer support; however, the site will go national slowly as its "preview partners" are satisfied, since each builder has its own private version.

For more information, contact HomeBuilderShowroom.com

This is not the tool to nail down your new home buyer's selections