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Article from Chicago Builder/Architect Magazine

Article from Building America's Dream

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"Standards & Extras Onlinesm:
Builders Online Showroom

Taken from Building America's Dream
August 2000

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HomeBuilderShowroom.com is connecting homebuyers to their new homebuilder and the products that are "standards & extras online."sm
Builders can now have their own online showroom "powered by" HomeBuilderShowroom.com. Homebuyers can access their buildersArticle from Building America's Dream Website with a button stating "Click here to design your dream home."sm

A builders "showroom" is the point of purchase in which the selection of new home finishes is made. Home finishes are often called "standards & extras." Standards are base grade products while extras are upgrades and premium products added to the base purchase price. Both need to be selected by homebuyers. Standards vary in color and style while extras also cost more. The selection process often takes weeks or months to make tens of thousands of dollars of both and upgraded decisions.

HomeBuilderShowroom.com offers builders an easy way to boost sales of "extras" (often their highest margin products), while reducing costs and providing better service. For homebuyers, the online showroom is a point of purchase sales aid that organizes and merchandises product by room or style, rather than just construction trade, as well as providing value added services and a common link to their sales agent. Beyond helpful content, HomeBuilderShowroom.com has created several new "category-killer" applications that consolidate this daunting and fragmented process.

HomeBuilderShowroom.com now adds an interactive feature to the builder's Website featuring just those builders' choices. The concept presents an opportunity to deliver better service and capture significant savings of time and effort builders, staff and homebuyers.

By Bruce Fogelson, CEO / Founder / Inventor HomeBuilderShowroom.com. For more information, contact us at (773) 528 - 7099